Sunday, November 19, 2017

Heather & Jonathan *Murray* - Engagement Shoot

     Heather & Jonathan were my contest winners earlier this year. They won a Wedding package but, decided they were going to be getting married out of state so we did an engagement shoot instead.
     Their engagement session was in Yuma, AZ at two iconic locations on Hwy 95.

     This couple was amazing. The day started with of course FREE hair and makeup done by my team:

Hair: Christina Thomson - Indulge 
Makeup: TraceyLynn Allen

     Heather was ROCKING this look. She brought 2 dresses which fit her perfectly and Jonathan was looking very Dashing & Strong in his military uniform.
(Jonathan thank you for your service. We appreciate everything you do)

     We first went to 'From the Farm'. There is the bridge to nowhere (photo above) that is picture perfect for any photographer.

     Here is some information we found about the bridge if you would like to visit: 

     The funniest portion of this photo-shoot is Heather's wedge shoe actually broke completely off from the bottom. It held on for dear life for a little of the shoot but then it just decided it had, had enough and bailed on her. So she had one wedge,& one flat. It was pretty funny. She made it work though. Did not interrupt any of our images.
     The second location was up hwy 95 a little more, to the littlest churche in Yuma, AZ. Here is some information we found if you'd like to visit: 

     The sweetest portion of this shoot is they brought their son. Which was a very fury son. A Beautiful and playful puppy-dog. We absolutely LOVE to have couple's pets in our images. It bring a different feel for animal lovers out there.

     Overall this shoot was worth every minute in the over 100*F weather. Couldn't have asked for a more perfect couple.

     Below are some shots from this engagement shoot... Enjoy.

Thank you for allowing us to be part of your Joy

Natalie & Yakov Fox 9-8-17

     When this Bride contacted me for Wedding Photography I couldn't be more excited. "Our theme is the 20's" O.M.G!! Any photographers dream is to capture a wedding with a theme, and a 20's theme just added a cherry to my, 'excited Cupcake'.

     Natalie & Yakov said "I Do" at the Historical, Hotel Congress in Tucson, AZ on September 8th, 2017.

     The venue was absolute perfection for their theme and guest count. A Very intimate and quaint wedding.

     Upon arrival, the Bride was nestled on the second floor in room 214 (Feb 14th - Valentine's day) which is also the largest room in the hotel. Trust me, it was pretty snug for the amount of woman in the room. But that did NOT stop my team from going in there and getting some AMAZING images of the 'getting ready' process.

     Now if you have never visited this location I suggest you do so. But, Beware, if you are spending the night. Have you ever watched The shining? Ever wanted to be in that situation? Well if so, feel free to stay at your own risk. This hotel is absolutely beautiful with its historical feel and long, long hallways. Hallways that turn and turn every which way. However, Being a person that gets very lost, very quickly, there were plenty of nerve-racking times I went downstairs to came back up and not find room 214 where I thought I left it. (Did it move?) I once hit a dead end and thought to myself; "this is it, this is how I am going to die". (I know I am being dramatic but I absolutely hate scary movies.)

     The wedding was downstairs in the event area. The hotel event team set up the area and took care of pretty much everything. Even offered bar services to the guests.  Two large family tables and one circle head table for the bride and groom were set up in the back.  All of the chairs before the ceremony were set up in front of a staging area for a close and intimate feel.

     Let me tell you, this couple couldn't be more in love. From the moment Natalie entered the hall to meet Yakov at the end of the aisle, both of their eyes lit up like fire. Big smiles were seen throughout the hall.
     And it didn't stop....
             This Wedding & reception was one for the books.

*Note to the reader: I only took maybe 50-100 photos during this wedding. I had shoulder surgery August 15th therefore, I entrusted my team to capture the images I KNEW they would*
     The reception was filled with music, dancing and laughter. The love between Natalie & Yakov was affecting the entire room.
      This will forever be one of our favourites.  Below are a few shots from the night. Enjoy...

*Special thanks to Jacob Hill & Laken Danielson for doing such an AMAZING job on these photos*

Thank you for letting us be part of your Special Day

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

How to pick the Best Images for your Album...

     I am one of those Wedding Photographers that LOVE to meet with the bride and groom when their photos are edited and beautiful. I call it a Private Preview or Viewing. This gives the couple the opportunity to see their images first hand.
     Now as a couple with 1500-3000 images in front of them how do they pick the BEST images for their Album?

                  No really, It is actually not that hard to do.

We suggest 3 simple rules when choosing:

Rule #1) Black and White Photos are a MUST in an album
Rule #2) Fill your Album with your Wedding & Reception event photos ONLY, not of the reception
Rule #3) If they weren't in the glamour shots or in the Wedding Party, Leave them out.

     I know I am sooo harsh, right. No, I am not. Because when you think about the rules, they actually make a lot of sense.

    Rule #1) Black and White Photos are a MUST in an Album
          Black and White Images scream classic glamour. They are the essence of what is Love and beauty. Whenever you or your family sees b&w photos in your album those are the photos they will gasp at.

     Rule #2) Fill your Album with your Wedding & Reception Event Photos ONLY, not of the reception
          Although the reception was Amazing and ubber fun, lets face it. You're not going to want photos of your family doing the Y.M.C.A or uncle John stuffing crab cakes in his pocket (yes, true story) in your album. You may not even want your bouquet toss because you have too many women in the photo you won't even remember their names in 5 years. You might not even remember their names now. Do you? Wedding, Glamour Shots & Reception Events such as Garter Toss, Bouquet Toss & cake cutting Only.

     Rule #3) If they weren't in the glamour shots or in the Wedding Party, Leave them out.
          Even though your Uncle's New girlfriend is the talk of the fashion world...will they be together in 5-10 years? Maybe? Maybe not. Your album must stay memorable and at least 'kind of' up to date.

And there you have it. Our advice on How to Pick the Best Images for your Album.
If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below.

We will be a little slow in our blogging this week as we are getting ready for bridal shows as well as some workshops we are setting up for in October.
(Interested in our Workshops? Let us know)


Friday, June 16, 2017

Win a FREE Wedding Photography Package!!!

Enter to WIN a FREE Wedding Photography Package with EMC Photography Studio: $1,200 Value 

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1) Like our Facebook:
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~~~~~~~~~TERMS TO WIN:~~~~~~~~~~
1) Contest is for Weddings & Receptions ONLY
2) Both Bride & Groom Must be at least 18 years of age 
3) Wedding & Reception Must be in the State of Arizona or California ONLY
4) Winning Package can not be Altered in any way 
Look for a confirmation email once you've entered.


Thursday, June 15, 2017

10 Things you Didn't know about me . . . (Part 4)

10) My name IS NOT Adele :o

Yup, Adele is not really my.... FIRST name. Adele is actually my middle name. My first name is a mystery to a lot of people. Here is the secret. My family has a tradition. If you give birth to a girl, the oldest one must have your name as her first name but can have an addressed name as her middle name. I am not kidding. This is how it has been going for 'literally' generations. 

I honestly thought that I was breaking this tradition by naming my daughter Allison Marie. Then to find out that my Great Great Grandmother was named Marie. Therefore, I just started the tradition over, which is okay with me. 

When I was growing up, Adele was a VERY difficult name to have. No one knew how to pronounce it when they read it on paper or knew how to spell it when I even told them how. 
This is normally what I got: Adel - Adell - Adelle - Odell (odell? really) 
So I just used my first name when the time called for it.

I have to say that Adele the singer has really assisted me with my name. Starbucks is easier but more difficult in its own way. Hearing "Oh my God! Like the singer"... 😐 Yes, like the singer. 
I can't blame them though, She is amazing. 

So there are the 10 Things you Didn't know about me...
*Do you have any questions?*
If you do, feel free to leave them in the comments and I will be sure to answer them. 


Wednesday, June 14, 2017

10 Things you Didn't know about me ... (Part 3)

7) I Collect Shot Glasses 

     When I started to travel again as an Adult I needed something to collect; something to remember where I had been. I know I have been to more than 400 places in the United States. I know this because every single place I have been to I made it a point to buy a shot glass. There have even been times where I have sold another belonging to the shop owner just to come home with a shot glass to add to my collection. Now, what is your question? :D
     "Have I taken a shot out of every one of them?"
          The answer to that is: YES
HAHA! Yes, I have taken over 400 shots of liquor in my life & from the very shot glasses that I own. 

8) I LOVE to Cook

     I started to cook really young because my grandma was a foster parent, and she always had kids in her house. So I would go and help her make large meals for all the kids. It really helped me being a young bride. I just grew from there. Even took a few cooking classes along the way.  My favourite meal to make is Homemade Chicken Pot Pie. 
     *Fun Fact* Every Holiday Season I make and sell pies so families don't have to

9)  I have Cooking OCD
     My friends actually came up with this phrase because of the way I cook. It is actually pretty funny when they bring it to my attention. Apparently, when I prepare a meal I have to make sure that every item has a place on the plate and is in its place. 
     I remember one instance when I made a dip (in a 13x9 casserole dish) that called for olives to be on the top. I didn't see it at the moment of making it, but my friends did when I took the foil off to have them dig into it. The olives were perfectly aligned and in rows as if lining the dip to be made into squares for serving. It was hilarious. 

To be continued... #10 to come tomorrow


Tuesday, June 13, 2017

10 Things you didn't know about me . . . (Part 2)

4) I have 4 Business Degrees

   I really do. 
    2004: Enrolled in College
     2004: AA Business Administration
     2006: BA Business Management
     2008: Dual BA Human Resource Management
     2010: MBA Human Resource Management

     My goal in life was NOT to be one of those single mothers who lived with her parents until their child was an adult. I have always been self-driven. When I want something, I do everything in my power to get it. 

5) My first job was...

    My first job was as an administrative assistant in a Garage Door Business. It was during my Junior and Senior year in High School. In my High School if you had enough credits you could qualify for 'work studies' which means you go out and get a job. So that's what I did.  My boss was amazing. She worked with my school schedule and I learned how to do payroll, schedules and how to make the PERFECT cup of coffee. 
    *Fun Fact* My younger sister ended up marrying her stepson in 2014. It was an interesting reunion. 

6) I have had SEVERAL DREAM Jobs

     When you start a job, any job. Isn't it your Dream job? At least for a moment. That moment may be literally a moment, a day, a month or years down the line until you look around and say: "yeah, I'm done. Time for another job"
     So #5 job was my first. Let's talk about the rest of them.
     I have been the following:
               Customer Service Agent - Military Store
               Hotel Front Desk Clerk - Hilton
               Hotel Reservation Manager - Calipatria Inn & Suites
               Payroll Clerk - Coca-Cola Company
               Business Operation Manager - Entravision Communication
               Mary Kay Beauty Consultant (Still am today)
               Owner of EMC Photography Studio (Still am Today)           

To be Continued: 7, 8, & 9 in Part 3


Monday, June 12, 2017

10 Things You Didn't know about me. . . (Part 1)

1) I have Visited 48 US states 

     I started to travel when I was really young actually. My parents would take 2 weeks every summer to travel. From the time I was 7 years old until I was 16 we visited every state on the west coast and most in the Midwest. At the time I wasn't too thankful for the opportunity because these vacations were always planned around my birthday. However, now I can say, there were a lot of years I spent my birthdays in different states.
     After I moved away from home I didn't stop travelling. I saw the Mideast and Eastcoast from 2001 - 2014. So, which states am I missing? Maine & Hawaii - Of course, it would be the two farthest states from my location. My goal is to see the before 2020.

2) I Married at 17 years old

     You read right. I really did. I actually got married May of 2001 and Graduated High School that June. My husband was in the military and we had been together for 3 years and knew it was the right choice to make. In order for us to be together after I graduated High School wherever he was stationed, we made a VERY grown up decision. My parents supported us both knowing we were mature enough to be safe and sure.  I Moved to Washington D.C. July 2001 and spent my 18th birthday there. Unfortunately, the marriage ended for various reasons in 2004. Now, I get this question a lot. "Do you regret getting married that young?" ABSOLUTELY NOT! Parents: Please! Do not hate me for saying this. The reason why I do not regret getting married so young is because of her:

Which brings me to,

3) I have 1 Daughter and she is my WORLD

     My daughter was born out of Love. Unconditional, Undeniable, LOVE. So much love in fact that she was carefully planned and very much prepared for. She was born on Thanksgiving Day in 2002. She will forever be my Turkey Baby. She is currently 14 years old and into Anime, Minecraft and has such a talent for drawing it takes my breath away. She is more of a tomboy than I would hope however, I am sure she won't be wearing sweatpants and a bomber jacket to her own wedding. So I am good on that front.

Tomorrow... 4, 5, & 6

Adele L

Friday, June 9, 2017

Silva Wedding April 15th, 2017

Ramon & Lupe Silva were Married April 15th, 2017 at Cocopah RV Resort in Yuma, AZ

This beautiful couple deserves to win the lottery after the day they had. But in the end of everything they can sit back, relax and say "we did it, we are married. The past is in the past"

Along with any weddings comes with mishaps and hiccups. But one thing sticks, the Love. The Love this Bride and Groom hold for each other can not be challenged. THEY GOT THIS!

We will ONLY be focusing on the positives in this blog. no Negatives.

The Bride got ready at family member's home, her hair was beautiful which was done by a lady out of Somerton, AZ and her makeup was done by my team member Deseray Guerrero.

Her dress was so beautiful; words could not describe how the light hit it when she stepped into it that afternoon. She was one excited Bride, ready to go. Ready to see her man.

She hired someone who had a vintage car as transportation. Very classy might I add. Completely fitting for this couple and their theme.

The Ceremony was emotional. So many peaceful souls and happy tears surrounded me as I photographed the couple on their way to the kiss that completed the ceremony. As they exited the ceremony area I noticed the Groom pull a paper out of his pocket and read it to the bride while walking. Later during their private preview, I found out it was his vows. I sure hope he held onto that paper as a 'keepsake'.

As we hit the TRAP & the GREEN to take the glamour shots I felt the peace of their love. The couple started posing on their own. Cuddling up next to each other, smiling at each other. And the photos developed naturally. Everything a Wedding Photographer hopes for. Flawless looks and poses.

Their reception was decorated beautifully. Everything was placed perfectly. From lanterns in the ceiling to the center pieces on the tables. And don't get me started on the food. The Food was absolutely AMAZING - Yes, she was nice enough to offer us a plate (some brides don't, but we do not ask that we are fed, after all, we do not pay for a plate - we understand)

We set up a backdrop with the wedding colors. This is for family and friends to take photos with the Bride and Groom or with family and friends at the wedding. The bride receives these at her preview with her entire collection.

This wedding will always remain in my heart because this couple is funny, outgoing and now our friends.


Adele L.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Perez Wedding April 8th, 2017

Leo & Olga Perez were married April 8th, 2017 in Yuma, AZ at Centro Christiano Agua Viva Church

When I first met Olga I felt like she was already my friend and my family. She was/is the warmest and kindest Bride I have ever met. So this blog may be a bit long because it had a lot of 'firsts' for me as a Wedding Photographer.

From the moment the Bride arrived at the church I started to smile and it just never stopped. I will forever place this wedding experience in my memory bank. Let me explain. . .

Picture this, The Groom is already at the church. The Bride arrives so, of course, we have to shut the doors to the main church area to keep the Groom from seeing his bride. COMPLETE 007 style the bride runs down the hallway in her beautiful white gown while we have 1 person covering each small slit windows to the doors of the church JUST IN CASE the curious Groom decides to take a peak. She makes it into the room where she meets with her bridesmaids and her close family and friends ready to finish getting ready.

Her hair is put up and curled to one side with a decorative pen. Her makeup is absolutely flawless of course. And I say "of course" because her hair and makeup were done by my team members:
Hair:  Christina Thomson
Makeup:  Deseray Guerrero

I take several photos of her and her family. I take photos of her maid of honor placing her vale in her hair. and then I thought we were going to start. It was time. But the Bride had other thoughts in mind.

An event that has NEVER happened in my 10+ years of wedding photography.

They Prayed Together... They Prayed Together for everything to go as planned, for happiness, for their family, for their friends and for them. It was beautiful. They didn't see each other, just touched. Making sure they felt each other in each word that was said. And I lost it.  (Neither of them was aware that I held back so many tears when I took this photo, but still had them flowing even when the Groom left)

Now let's not leave out everything out but lets put the most important things in.

The ceremony was beautiful. Champagne Colors with flowers, signs and candles. The smiles in the audience were everywhere along with tears.

They rented a limo which you do not see much of anymore. A lot of people were late to their reception, therefore, what is a Bride and Groom to do but drive around in the limo while waiting for their guests to arrive. And if a Bride and Groom are hungry, Where do they go?

Yup, Burger King. (Another First for me - ALL IN ONE WEDDING) 

All in all these two connect. Their connection is pure in heart and pure in soul, and I am so thankful that I was a part of it.


Adele L.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

McHone Wedding March 18th, 2017

Josh & Dominique McHone were married March 18th, 2017 in Yuma, AZ at the Civic Center

This was our first wedding at the Yuma Civic Center. We had heard so negative reviews from other photographers. Not enough lighting. Too much lighting. Not enough attention from staff. The staff was too fast with the cutting of the cake.


If my memory serves me right the only thing that went wrong that day was the weather. It was beautiful weather, nice and chilly up until that very afternoon when it decided to get into the 90s. Which for an outside high afternoon wedding gets a little uncomfortable. Therefore, everyone; including the wedding party was taking their time getting out there to melt. (I don't blame them)

The Ceremony was Beautiful. Exactly the location the Bride wished it to be. The reception was literally within walking distance from the ceremony on a very well lit outside patio with two bar stations. One for food, one for alcohol and a special table for their cake. The staff to my knowledge was very nice and thoughtful and did their best to accommodate the Bride and Groom with their requests.

This wedding was a Party and 1/2. The Bride and Groom made us feel like part of the family.


Adele L.