Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Yuma Dream Team 2017

     We are currently located in Yuma, AZ. We moved our business here in 2014 and automatically started searching for our new DREAM TEAM.

     Our version of a DREAM TEAM is a collection of the best vendors in the area. When we say "best vendors" we don't mean what the newspapers or the news channels call the best. Here in Yuma, they have an annual "Best in Yuma"; where you vote for the best vendors of every genre, not only photography or events but everything. From Moving to Retail.

     Our list is based on the customer service of the business and their owners. I searched and searched for the perfect list for my couples to reference. You will see the work I have put into our DREAM TEAM.

     If you are a bride and you would like a Flawless and Perfect wedding. I am not lying, you need to book with my DREAM TEAM. Not only will you receive a discount from 'every single' vendor but they will give you the best service money can buy. These business owners still bring value to their business and to their community. They still care about their customers and go above and beyond their expectations for that one review.

     Here is the list: (Let them know prior to doing business EMC Photography Studio referred you from their DREAM TEAM List - You will get the listed discount)

Venues: (These venues did not provide a discount towards the dream team at this time, however, mention EMC Photography Studio referred you and see if you get a discount 'just in case')

From the Farm, LLC          
5158 E US Highway 95      
(928) 580-1051           

Yuma Civic Center
1440 W. Desert Hills Dr
(928) 373-5040

The Hoffman's Wedding & Event Center
14390 S Ave 2 3/4 E
(928) 210-6145

Flowers and Decorations:
Flower & Co
Owner - Rene Lopez
(928) 919-8666
423 w. 8th st (Yuma)

Boudoir Photos:
Hidden Gems Boudoir
Owner - Mallory Boggs
(928) 287-9285

Rick & Me BBQ and Catering 
(928) 919-8025 / (928) 919-5925

DJ Drew
Owner - Drew Maddison
(580) 595-0975

Buttercream Dreams
Owner - Tasha
(928) 580-8102
DISCOUNT: Free Delivery within Yuma County

Tables & Chairs:
Arandy Valdez Poly’s Party Rentals LLC
Owner: Arandy Valdez
(928) 247-2734
5% OFF under $50
10% OFF over $100

Hair Stylist:
Indulge by Christina
Owner: Christina Thomson
(619) 633-8850
DISCOUNT: $65 Dry Run & Wedding Day

Makeup by Ely
Owner: Ely Lopez
(928) 366-0860
DISCOUNT: $60 Dry Run & Wedding Day

Studio O.N.I.X. by Elena Akins
Owner: Elena Akins
(928) 488-5895
DICOUNT: $25 per hand

****** If you have ANY Questions at any time please feel free to contact me through Facebook messenger or email *****

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

How do I see Love?

Since I am a Wedding Photographer I would like to talk about how I see Love.

Everyone views this topic differently. You could ask so many varieties of people and you will always get a different answer. My answer is very simple: Peace

I see Love as a form of Peace. When you are in love and when you receive that love in return your soul is at peace. I am a firm believer that your soul is what drives stress, anxiety and anger. When your soul is happy, you, yourself will be happy and 'at peace'. 

You do not see frowns at weddings. (well at least you are not 'suppose' to see them) This is because there are sooo many happy souls in one place. Our souls are at 'peace' at weddings. We are all feeling the Pure LOVE of the couple we are watching that our souls feel the happiness and gain that happiness in return. 

My team and I always discuss how our face hurts after Weddings from smiling so much. This is because we are truly happy at these Weddings. Do we know every person at these weddings we photograph? No, of course not. But, we go to work every time with 1 goal in mind. Fill our soul with as much Peace & Happiness as we can throughout the night. Most of the time that is from the smiles we see, the laughs we hear and the love we feel around us. 

The peace is one of the reasons why my business thrives. Peace is how I see Love. 

How do you see Love??? (there are no wrong answers) 

Monday, May 29, 2017

Introduction Part 2

Introduction Part 2 is going to be just a little background on myself. Just so you can get to know me. It won't be a novel. Maybe I'll focus on main points in my life in later blogs.

     Let's start in the beginning - My parents were married in 1979 and believe it or not, are still are married today. They made it work through thick and thin with 2 daughters who were 6 years apart.

     My little sister & I grew up in Southern California. Yup. SUNNY Southern California. Where the sun spends the winter. Not the beautiful weather part of California either. The HOT, Humid & Horrible Part of California. The name that shall not be spoken is: Imperial Valley, California

     Of course, it wasn't all that bad. We were just a jump and a hop from family and friends who were in San Diego and Los Angeles so we travelled quite a lot. My parents also would take vacations every summer so I got to see most of the United States pretty early in age.

     Ever since my childhood, I made it a point to hold onto special people in my life, put family first and capture EVERY moment in my life as if it was my last. So far so good.

    As of this day, I have been to every US state but Hawaii and Maine. I have been to Canada, Mexico & Japan. I have soo many memories and soooo many photos from my travels.
     I honestly feel like I have lived my life to the fullest;

                                                                                             ...and I am still not done.

Little Information:
Name: Adele Lopez
Age: "A Woman who will tell their age, will tell anything" ~Mary Kay Ash~
Born: Brawley, CA
Current Location: Yuma, AZ
Relationship Status: Totally Taken by a Wonderful and Caring Man (3 Years Running)

Until Next time.

Introduction Part 1

     Hi!!! Welcome to my Blog!!

    I would like to dedicate my first blog to tell you when I wanted to become a photographer and who was my inspiration growing up. 

    My name is Adele I have been into photography since as long as I can remember. Now, I know, what you are thinking; 'all photographers say that'. Yeah, I understand. However, I really do not remember when I started loving photography because my grandfather was into photography and so was my mother. So I actually grew up behind and in front of the camera. 


I do remember when I wanted to become a photographer...and who showed me that I wanted to start a business in Photography

   First, let's go back to when I was about 9 or 10 years old. That is when I learned a 35mm camera (film camera) WAS NOT forgiving. You HAD to learn about angles, lighting, posing, how to repair your camera, how to clean your camera and MOST IMPORTANTLY how to develop your film. 
    So I did. I read. I went to workshops. I listened. I watched. I failed and Failed and FAILED again. Until I felt I got it right. 

     When I was a Sophmore in High School (in a very small town in New Mexico of all places) I did my very first Photography job. It was a High School graduate who just happened to be my neighbour who drove me to and from school every day.  She saw I would take photos of everything and almost every Friday she would drive me to the local drug store to turn in a roll of film and come out with a developed collection and a new roll. 

     She paid me $10 and I shot a full roll that day. Which was about 24 photos. When I picked up the collection I remember the smile on my face standing in that drug store. I looked up to see the man behind the counter smiling back at me. I said: "They are PERFECT" and he replied, "I know". 
That is when I decided I wanted to become a Photographer. 
     One day my mother came home from work in an ABSOLUTE uproar. "This photographer took a naked picture of Demi Moore pregnant!" of course me as a very very nosy 9-year old I listened without them 'knowing' i was listening.  My father looked at her with the most confused look while my mother slams a magazine onto the coffee table. It was amazing. I couldn't stop staring. Not because it was a naked woman and she was pregnant on the cover of a magazine in the August 1991 issue of Vanity Fiar but because it was an absolutely captivating image. 
     My mother saw I was looking and snatched me right away scolding me that it was not a very nice photo and she (Demi Moore) should be ASHAMED of herself. 


     It's 2004 I am working at Coca-Cola in El Centro California and I luckily had the internet at my disposal. So what do I do? I search for everything.!And I mean EVERYTHING!  One day I remembered that photo. I looked it up (which by the way took FOREVER to find because the internet wasn't as large as it is now) 

     I FOUND IT!!!

     Annie Leibovitz - She was the one that took that (aka) Horrible photo of Demi Moor when she was pregnant in 1991. 
Annie is more than my inspiration, She was what I wanted to become, every step she took I wanted to step where she stepped. 

In 2004 She took an absolutely stunning photo of Scarlett Johansson (HUGE FAN)

That Photo of Ann Leibovitz helped me decide I wanted to start a Photography Business...
She IS my inspiration: Her past, her present and I am sure her future.


That's all for now