Sunday, May 2, 2021

Has Weddings Changed? (covid-19 edition)


Has Weddings Changed?

     Covid-19 took us all for a huge loop. Here at EMC we realized during March 2020 that we were going to be in the loop as everyone else in the world. 

    Everything shut down. It seemed like for good. 

    However, when changes comes so comes chances.  A chance to spend more time with those you love. A chance to spend more time planning your wedding. A chance to save a bit more money for that upgrade on a vendor, venue, flowers or food. 

    So has Weddings really Changed since before Covid-19?

     Absolutely! But not in the way you would believe. During 2020 couples were still getting married. They were still smiling after saying "I do" and they were still finding ways to celebrate with those they love most. Some were limiting their attendees, some had drive by weddings, and some had the cutest Intimate weddings I have ever seen. 

    It is not that Weddings have Changed. It is that Weddings have evolved into what they have always needed to be. Intimate, Personal, and sometimes even Private. 

    So when you sit down tonight and go over your wedding plans. Just remember the love you have for your significant other and plan this wedding for YOU. 


   Thank you for reading.

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