Sunday, November 19, 2017

Heather & Jonathan *Murray* - Engagement Shoot

     Heather & Jonathan were my contest winners earlier this year. They won a Wedding package but, decided they were going to be getting married out of state so we did an engagement shoot instead.
     Their engagement session was in Yuma, AZ at two iconic locations on Hwy 95.

     This couple was amazing. The day started with of course FREE hair and makeup done by my team:

Hair: Christina Thomson - Indulge 
Makeup: TraceyLynn Allen

     Heather was ROCKING this look. She brought 2 dresses which fit her perfectly and Jonathan was looking very Dashing & Strong in his military uniform.
(Jonathan thank you for your service. We appreciate everything you do)

     We first went to 'From the Farm'. There is the bridge to nowhere (photo above) that is picture perfect for any photographer.

     Here is some information we found about the bridge if you would like to visit: 

     The funniest portion of this photo-shoot is Heather's wedge shoe actually broke completely off from the bottom. It held on for dear life for a little of the shoot but then it just decided it had, had enough and bailed on her. So she had one wedge,& one flat. It was pretty funny. She made it work though. Did not interrupt any of our images.
     The second location was up hwy 95 a little more, to the littlest churche in Yuma, AZ. Here is some information we found if you'd like to visit: 

     The sweetest portion of this shoot is they brought their son. Which was a very fury son. A Beautiful and playful puppy-dog. We absolutely LOVE to have couple's pets in our images. It bring a different feel for animal lovers out there.

     Overall this shoot was worth every minute in the over 100*F weather. Couldn't have asked for a more perfect couple.

     Below are some shots from this engagement shoot... Enjoy.

Thank you for allowing us to be part of your Joy

Natalie & Yakov Fox 9-8-17

     When this Bride contacted me for Wedding Photography I couldn't be more excited. "Our theme is the 20's" O.M.G!! Any photographers dream is to capture a wedding with a theme, and a 20's theme just added a cherry to my, 'excited Cupcake'.

     Natalie & Yakov said "I Do" at the Historical, Hotel Congress in Tucson, AZ on September 8th, 2017.

     The venue was absolute perfection for their theme and guest count. A Very intimate and quaint wedding.

     Upon arrival, the Bride was nestled on the second floor in room 214 (Feb 14th - Valentine's day) which is also the largest room in the hotel. Trust me, it was pretty snug for the amount of woman in the room. But that did NOT stop my team from going in there and getting some AMAZING images of the 'getting ready' process.

     Now if you have never visited this location I suggest you do so. But, Beware, if you are spending the night. Have you ever watched The shining? Ever wanted to be in that situation? Well if so, feel free to stay at your own risk. This hotel is absolutely beautiful with its historical feel and long, long hallways. Hallways that turn and turn every which way. However, Being a person that gets very lost, very quickly, there were plenty of nerve-racking times I went downstairs to came back up and not find room 214 where I thought I left it. (Did it move?) I once hit a dead end and thought to myself; "this is it, this is how I am going to die". (I know I am being dramatic but I absolutely hate scary movies.)

     The wedding was downstairs in the event area. The hotel event team set up the area and took care of pretty much everything. Even offered bar services to the guests.  Two large family tables and one circle head table for the bride and groom were set up in the back.  All of the chairs before the ceremony were set up in front of a staging area for a close and intimate feel.

     Let me tell you, this couple couldn't be more in love. From the moment Natalie entered the hall to meet Yakov at the end of the aisle, both of their eyes lit up like fire. Big smiles were seen throughout the hall.
     And it didn't stop....
             This Wedding & reception was one for the books.

*Note to the reader: I only took maybe 50-100 photos during this wedding. I had shoulder surgery August 15th therefore, I entrusted my team to capture the images I KNEW they would*
     The reception was filled with music, dancing and laughter. The love between Natalie & Yakov was affecting the entire room.
      This will forever be one of our favourites.  Below are a few shots from the night. Enjoy...

*Special thanks to Jacob Hill & Laken Danielson for doing such an AMAZING job on these photos*

Thank you for letting us be part of your Special Day