Monday, April 16, 2018

The Corkins Wedding 12-09-17

Location: Oracle State Park, Oracle, AZ
Date: December 9th, 2017
Decorator & Planner: Dana Hertzberg
Makeup: Tracey Allen 
Hair: Dasha Solle 

     This couple's love was AMAZING. From Start to finish we could see the love that was between Shawna & Nick.
      With a Wedding theme of Ying & Yang and colors of Red and Black, this wedding was beautiful at the Historical Oracle State Park, AZ. (Link Below)
      Oracle State Park -

     The Bride started her day by getting ready with her friends and family in the Historic Kannally Ranch House base floor. With its original setting, it was the perfect place to get her hair and makeup done. She looked stunning and ready for her shining moment which was just moments away.
      The Groom was with his closest men in the Chalet Village Motel with its Pitched roof cottages. They made every moment count in those VERY close quarters. They laughed, made fun of each other and helped each other get ready for their grand entrance.

     When the ceremony started the Men were fully dressed in amazing headgear. It really threw us all for an epic loop. Each made by their own hand they were all so proud and ready to conquer the ceremony.

    As the Bride walked up the two flights of stairs with the largest smile on her face she had her father on her arm and an entire lifetime ahead of her. Her flower girl was filled with laughs as she tossed the flowers to make way for the bride behind her.


Thank you to Shawna & Nick for allowing us to be part of your Special Day. 
Here are some photos of Shawna & Nick BIG Day.