Wednesday, October 17, 2018

I am about to go Bridezilla?


     You have spent all of this time planning your BIG Day you're happy, excited & totally IN LOVE with what you have accomplished in this amount of time.

 Then this happens:

     "Hello, This is your photographer we would like to inform you that we are unable to make your wedding date. Please call us back"
 and this: 

     "Hello Miss Smith I am so sorry to let you know but we have scheduled a larger wedding and will not be able to cater your event"

and another:

     "I am just not going to be able to make it to your wedding, I'll send a gift though."


     As a Wedding Photographer, I have run into every story in the book. "My photographer canceled on me, please help!" - "Did you hear my caterer canceled on me for a larger wedding" - "Oh yeah, so, my own mother isn't going to be at my wedding because she has a birthday party to go to'. *All true Stories btw* 
     This can be very frustrating situations when planning your big day. But there is always light at the end of the tunnel. This blog is to help you keep your head on straight and offer you a few tips on keeping it together and fixing what has gone wrong, and fixing it FAST. 

     Yes, We all have had cases where we have had to cancel weddings for one reason or another. No, It is NOT professional however, sometimes there is no ways around it. In one of my cases, I was rushed to the hospital to undergo emergency surgery. BUT!!! and here is the moment of truth. Read your contract. If there is NOT a cancelation policy on the photographer's side, ask for an additional contract, just in case. This will ensure you both agree on the terms if the Photographer was to cancel on you last min. 
     You have several options to include: 
     1. Ask for a refund 2 weeks prior to your wedding date. (if it is sooner than the 2 weeks they have 24 hours) 
     2. Ask for THEM to find you another photographer in time for your wedding EVEN IF it costs more. It is up to them to pay the difference NOT YOU.
     3. Ask for other members of their business, team, organization to cover your wedding without them. (Some wedding photographers have more than 1 employee)

If All else fails and you aren't able to have a professional photographer at your wedding:
1)  Ask wedding guests if anyone has experience in photography
2) Purchase one use digital cameras to place on each table at your reception
3) buy 2 cheap digital cameras, 2 tall tripods & 2 large SD cards & record your wedding yourself

     I have heard more horror stories about food not arriving than any other. Again. Check your contract for cancelation policies on their end. If you find yourself in a jam of not having food. Trust me. No one in your audience is going to care what they eat, as long as they eat. Have the DJ make an announcement stating "We are sorry for the inconvenience but our caterer canceled on us at the last min so we have ordered XXXX for everyone as an alternative." 
     Quick Food Ideas:
     1)  Pasta (Trust me! Pasta is super cheap and super filling. At $2 a box of pasta, you can feed 100 people for under $100 and I actually found a recipe for it:
     2) Pizza (Ordering 50 pizzas will serve an average of 100 people - Little Ceasars $5 pizzas will run you about $250.00) 
     3) Subway (8 6ft party subs will serve on average of 100 people - will run you about $520.00)

     I feel this is the main subject that causes so much stress and frustration in the end. Here is what I tell EVERY SINGLE BRIDE. 

If you invite 100 people - 50 will show up to your wedding but expect 150 to your reception.

     Here are 3 pretty neat tricks you can do to save yourself from this madness.
     1) Offer Meal Tickets at your wedding as guests enter or leave. 
     2) DO NOT disclose any reception information until after the wedding.
     3) Offer Purchase Drink deals (Purchase 3 tickets at $5 each and get a drink free) 

     In conclusion, everything can be fixed. It may not be what you started with but in the end, it isn't about all the food & guests it's about you and the love of your life sharing a moment that will last forever. 

Thanks for reading.
If you have any questions or have tips & tricks of your own please leave a comment.

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