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Things to tell your Wedding Photographer - Part 2

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Things to tell your Wedding Photographer - Part 2

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Time Line
     Giving your Wedding Photographer a Time Line prior to the Wedding helps them understand the events and the order these events will be taking place. The reason for this is because if you have a Wedding Photographer that also does video they have enough time to set everything up prior to the video taking place. Without this timeline, your Photographer will be completely clueless about where to stand, what lens to use or what equipment to set up until it is too late. 

Crazy Reception Dance
     I can NOT stress this enough. Photographs of your dance to Thriller will not be the same as a video. I can speak from experience when I say: Please tell your photographer if you will be doing a dance that is not your 'normal run of the mill' dance.  This way your photographer is prepared to capture the moment with video. If you have a video guy that's Great. Let them know as well. (I know this kind of ties into the Time Line portion but think of it as section A of the subject) 

What are you most worried about?
     Okay, stay with me here. The reason I added this is because I personally ask my couples this very question. What are you most worried about regarding your photographs? Do you have braces, glasses, bad teeth, scars? The reason why I ask this is to make sure that I understand what is NOT to be captured on camera or control the situation in which you are worried about. We are here to make your photos beautiful, not for you to look at them years later and think, "dang I wish they would have asked me to take off my glasses". 

Group Shots
     Not a lot of individuals think about the equipment needed to take a great group shot. If you have a large family, a large party or just want everyone whos anyone in one photo, Tell your Photographer prior to your wedding. There are certain lenses we have to bring in order to make this possible. We have to scope out space prior to and expect the unexpected with lighting situations with large group shots. Here is what will happen if you spring it at the last min. Your Photographer will have to back up so far with his normal wedding lens that no one will be able to be seen in your photo. Your photo will not be crips OR the individuals on the ends will not be clear. Please, do your Photographer a solid & give them a heads up. 


Why did you Contact Us?
     In this business, we have to be passionate about what we do. If your photographer is NOT passionate about their business or you, you need to start looking for one that is. I'm serious! It may be hard to give up on a photographer but if they don't love you, I'm sorry, you will NOT love your photos. So why did you Contact them? Was it just their photos? Was it an add you saw on social media that caught your eye? Was it a recommendation you received from someone else? This information is soo valuable to a Wedding Photographer because we desperately want to know if others are loving our work enough to recommend us. We work hard to be seen and to receive couples like you. Let us know. 

And there you have it. You have a total of 10 Most important things to Tell your Photographer. That wasn's so bad was it? Nah! 

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What do you feel is the most important thing to tell your Wedding Photographer?

Thanks for reading. 

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